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    The future development direction of the sensor
    2018-03-02 11:39
            Watson sensor cic advisory issued by the 2018-2022 intelligent sensor industry research depth and investment outlook report "pointed out: Watson sensor intelligent sensor will towards precision and high reliability, rich variety, function, and complex, integration and miniaturization direction. The research of new sensitive materials, the exploration of novel sensing methods and the array and complexity of sensitive components will be the main direction of the future development of intelligent sensor technology. New sensitive materials and perceptual methods mean the expansion of perceptual scope or perceptual selective enhancement. The array of sensitive components is a necessary source of high accuracy and high reliability of intelligent sensors. The multifunctional and multifunctional components of the intelligent sensor are provided with a solid material foundation.
            Watson sensors to define the method, based on the data fusion technology and pattern recognition theory represented by the synthetic method of coarse signal processing methods and utilization of expert system, neural network and adaptive theory of signal processing methods, such as the main research is how to precisely and reliably realize intelligent sensor "perception", "cognitive" these two signal processing function. The law of analysis studies how to make smart sensors "thin" and low cost to complete their "perception" function. The analysis method shows the ability of signal processing in intelligent sensor, which is beneficial to the integration and miniaturization of intelligent sensors. The commercialization demand of intelligent sensors will drive the rapid development of the analysis method and promote it from "perception" to "cognition". With the development of computer technology, control technology and digital signal processing technology, the signal processing of intelligent sensor will become more and more precise, reliable and robust.
            Intelligent sensor nodes for intelligent sensor network is an important development direction, in the heart of the multi-function, high precision of complex distributed measurement and control system shows its strong vitality, and plays a very important role. The communication technology of intelligent sensor will be enriched and developed with the development of bus technology, network technology and communication technology. With the development of micro-machining technology and micro-electronic processing technology, the market will promote the rapid development of intelligent sensors in the direction of integration and miniaturization.
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