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    Wsen has 30 years of rich experience and professional knowledge, to establish a customer-oriented organizational structure, and the continuous technological innovation, which makes the GEFRUN element of control system in automation and industrial processes and other fields has been playing a leading role.
    Wsen in the design and manufacture field of sensor, electronic components, systems and drive products has always been at the leading position, can provide one-stop service for you, to be the ideal solution for your application.
    Wsen provides professional consultation, and the establishment of long-term communication with customers.
    Wsen headquarters is located in British Manchester, now we have more than 30 authorized dealer sales network in the world.
    The Wsen service is divided into four main areas: sensor, recording and controlling unit, valves, industrial automation package.
    The Wsen sensor is the basic element of process control is required, but the main physical 


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