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    LWS31 intelligent ultrasonic liquid level gauge
    2017-05-23 13:07

    Ultrasonic level meter measurement principle is the ultrasonic pulse echo time extraction technique using echo waveform to measure propagation in gas, time and distance measurement of ultrasonic transmitting and reflecting the stroke required is proportional to the. Characteristics and application: - long life, can be used for liquid (matter) continuous monitoring and alarm - such as a variety of output analog switch, RS485, etc. - suitable for small and medium sized liquid tank (of) a monitoring and alarm all placed perpendicular to the ultrasonic sensor objects can be detected, the object it is a solid, liquid, powder, can be transparent or colored, the surface can be polished or rough shape can be arbitrary. Even the curved surfaces, such as ball or cylinder can also produce an analysis for the echo can absorb ultrasonic material not suitable for detection. Such as fur. Cotton, foam, coarse cloth. - for non-contact measurement of medium, more reliable. It is widely used in water supply and drainage, food, pharmaceutical, wine industry and power plants, granary, steel mills, chemical fiber industry super
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