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    Industrial integration vortex flowmeter 2017 latest knowledge
    2017-05-11 12:49
    The basic principle of vortex flowmeter is Carmen vortex phenomenon, when the medium velocity through the triangular column of the bluff body, it is formed on both sides of the two row spiral alternation, this vortex is known as the Carmen vortex. Straw Hal based on Carmen vortex theory is put forward and the frequency of fluid Carmen vortex is proportional to the flow rate, and through the cable sent to the converter through the intelligent processing, realize the communication between the fluid flow, instantaneous flow accumulation and flow data display and control system. Features and applications: measuring the volume flow and mass flow of steam, gas and liquid. Amplifier can be separated from the sensor (separation distance 15m). The medium temperature can be measured as +350 DEG C, the pressure loss is small, the measuring range is wide, the range is 10 - 40 times, no mechanical moving parts, long term stability, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance. The sensor output pulse frequency, the frequency and the actual measured fluid flow into a linear, non zero drift, the performance is very stable - widely used in measurement of superheated steam, saturated steam, volume flow and mass flow of compressed air and gas and liquid
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